Bomboniere or Gift Favours Ideas for your Special Occasion.

Bomboniere are traditional gifts that are given to guests on Special Occasions.  They can be used not only as a Thank you gift but also as a memorable keepsake.  Bomboniere – Wikipedia

With our wide selection of Christening and Baptism favours and gift ideas, you’ll be able to create a truly unique and memorable occasion.

1. Candles Gift Favours

There are a huge variety of candle gift favours in the market. We selected this beautiful small candle in a glass votive, which we personalise with a sticker or thank you tag.

The other candle favour which I personally love designing for your guests is the printed pillar candles: They are fully customised, to match your colour scheme and or theme. Custom made in Australia. 

2. Gift Boxes, bags and tins favours

Our gift boxes, bags and tin Bomboniere are personalised either by printing on the box or tin or as a thank you tag. We do offer our own laser-cut gift boxes.

The number of filler ideas is endless, but our sweet choices are Small chocolate hearts, traditional 5 Candy Almonds, jellybeans or chocolate Maltesers.

The other options are a 1-decade handmade rosary, Beaded Angel or Keyring Cross.

3. Sweets and Chocolate Favours

Everyone appreciates sweets or chocolates, we offer the immensely popular Personalised Chocolate Bar favours: they come in a variety of chocolate sizes and the artwork is customised according to your requirements. This is a cost-effective way of showing your appreciation.

Sweets and Chocolate treats also look amazing in our various gift boxes and bags.

4. Rosary Bomboniere

We custom-make our rosaries, a variety of colours and a variety of packaging options.

Made to order. These make lovely keepsakes for Grandparents and Godparents, which can be presented in our personalised tins or boxes.

5. Personalised Seed packets

One of my favourite gifts is the Plant in Celebration gift favour.  The seeds are packaged in a personalised envelope with planting instructions on the back.

We can replace the personalised envelope with a small bucket, with soil and planting instructions. We have lots of ideas in the range,  give us a call.

6. Special keepsake Gifts for Grandparents and Godparents

Custom Box of chocolates, a printed candle with their name on it and a message, and a rosary with a personalised card. Or a small gift hamper. Matching coffee mug with a notebook and pen. What’s new?: Take a look at our Godmother Gift Box.

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